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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games to be found. This is because blackjack is an easy game to understand and easy to learn how to play. It is also one of the ones with the lowest house edge, making it more likely to make a profit off of blackjack than other casino games.  Update: 01/8/2020.

Play free American blackjack on GSN.

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The objective is simple: try to build a hand with a greater total than
the dealer’s hand without going over 21. Rules in blackjack are fairly simple to understand. Players hit to increase their hand totals and stand to keep their hand totals as they are against what the hand total of the dealer. Essentially, that is all any person needs to know to begin playing blackjack. Other plays and strategies can be learned as they go.

online-blackjack-gameA blackjack table is essential when playing blackjack. The most standard type of table is in the shape of a half circle and covered in felt—usually green—with the most basic house rules screened onto the felt.

There are options available when it comes to finding your own blackjack table. You might prefer a table top, or one with collapsible or folding legs, or even a pedestal style table like in the casinos. Other options can be found on blackjack tables as well, such as cup holders removable armrest and built in chip racks..

When learning from your own blackjack chart think of the features that you want might use strategically such as splits, double downs, surrender and insurance.

Learn How to Play Blackjack from Experts

Learn blackjack rules and how to play the game from Expert players at ExpertBlackjackOnline.  It offers free online blackjack advice from experts of the game. Learn basic blackjack strategy and advanced level betting tips for professional 21 strategies. is a must read website for everyone that plays blackjack online for real money.

Blackjack Forums

BlackjackInfo is a blackjack and card counting forum community that has been an authority on blackjack games for the last two decades. was founded by Ken Smith in January 1998.

GambleRock is another place you’ll find expert blackjack player discussions taking place in the blackjack forum. There is also active gambling forums for Bitcoin, Casino, Poker, Slots and Sports Betting message board topics. was also founded by Benjamin Ogden in May 2019.

Playing Blackjack with Bitcoins

Online blackjack has evolved over the years and you can now play Bitcoin blackjack at online casinos with Bitcoins instead of betting in Dollars, Pounds or Euros. Playing blackjack in Bitcoin (BTC) is pretty much the same as playing with fiat currency with the exception that you are wagering and winning cryptocurrency in place of fiat currency. Other than that Bitcoin blackjack games are pretty much the same as traditional online blackjack games with the same rules, software and odds that you’ll get from classic online casinos.

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