You can usually find the Craps tables by the rowdy crowds gathered around them. If you don’t see any, look for the long,  green tables with about four casino staff members around them. Dice games have been around for more than 2,000 years with many different variations of craps. It evolved in the United States starting with the French influence in Louisiana. The game spread by riverboat to the West.

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A craps table is covered in felt with a diagram showing the spaces for each type of bet. The center section is where “hardways” and “one roll” bets are placed. The two ends of the table each have sections for the “pass line,” “come,” “place,” “field,” and other bets. The ends of the table are mirror images of each other. Craps tables can vary in size but regulation tables used in casinos are 12 feet long and five feet wide. The best craps tables are made of high quality oak wood and include removable armrests and chip trays for the players. Unlike other casino tables, the craps table usually has a mirror on each rubber-topped side for players to easily see which number was rolled. The table can generally be broken down into pieces for easy transport.
Craps tables can be stationary, folding or table top. Every casino uses stationary craps tables. Stationary tables are big, heavy and an authentic representation of a true craps experience. Folding craps tables usually stand on aluminum legs and can be folded in half for storage, sort of like a ping pong table. Table tops consist of just the playing surface, rails and chip holders. They are the least expensive and designed to convert billiard tables or regular tables into a craps game. A folding craps table can be bought for a few hundred dollars but a solid mahogany stationary table can be upwards of a few thousand dollars. Having your own craps table is a great way for practicing dice control and betting strategies. You don’t need a casino anymore. Bring the casino home with a craps table!

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