Poker is a great casino game that blends strategy, reading your opponents and a little bit of luck for some large pots. Whether it’s family game night or you’re having some friends over, a nice poker table is a necessity to get things going. Poker includes a few different players sitting around a table. Update 6/22/2019.

Online Poker

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The table is smaller than that of roulette and craps because you are playing against the other players at the table instead playing against the dealer. It offers an intimate setting so you can be engaged with your opponents.
The best type of poker tables are made of high-quality wood and have matching chairs. They can also double as a dining or breakfast table when you decide to put the games aside. If you can get that type of versatility from your poker table, it’s all for the better. You can get your poker tables in a variety of colors besides the standard black or brown. Most include cup holders and an area for your casino chips. What good is a poker table without a spot for your drink? You can also find convertible tables that can be used as card tables, but have tops that flip over for an everyday table. It’s the best blend of dining and entertaining with options like cherry, oak, mahogany or rattan finish. The antique tables can be a bit pricy but have rich carvings and designs to give you the feel a real poker table that was used back in the days of the Old West where the game originated in America. 

You basically have two options for a poker table: one with a dealer spot or one without a dealer spot. The table with a dealer spot is a semi-circle with players on the curved portion and the dealer on the straight edge for access to all the players. The one without a dealer spot is a complete circle. It makes sense for the casual gambler who plays with their friends as you take turns being the dealer. Both types of tables have padded armrests and a standard layout. The layout is less involved that roulette or craps. It’s just a place for your chips, your cards and the community cards in the center of the table. Poker tables usually have a strong base since they’re circular and offer plenty of legroom. 

Poker Mobile Apps

There are some really cool online poker apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. We’ve picked a few of our favorite mobile poker apps for you in our list below. Try these free poker apps and play Texas holdem and other games from your phone anytime you like.

Online Poker Forums has put together this list of helpful poker forums.

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