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Ready to play online slot games and see what all the buzz is about? There are more than 10 major online casino software companies powering more than 5,000 different online slot machines you can play for free or money.  Best Online Casinos US reviews these slots and picks out our favorites listed below.

Welcome to the slots page. This is where we talk about slot machines and review online slots games along with online slot tournaments and free slots software downloads. While many sites will allow you to download online casino software directly, you can also do so here at and we’ll provide you with slot reviews along with links to the aforementioned online casino downloads.

# 1.  Club World Casinos – Club USA Casino is the flagship online casino from the Club World Casinos Group. New players to Club USA receive a 100% match bonus where you’ll earn up to $777 in free bonus cash.

# 2.  Bodog Casino – Realtime Gaming Software – Winner of Online Casino Suite’s “How New Casino” Award . Bodog casino has been an industry leader foe years. New players receive a 10% bonus when downloading the online casino software.

Want to read mome more information about slot machines. Try searching at or going directly to their site’s page on slots.

Considering buying a slot machine?! An old-fashioned one armed bandit could be a great addition to a home rec room or a real show stopper as a focus piece. And if you’re thinking of buying a slot machine, you’ll probably find that you need to be thinking antique. Because while a slot machine might be a great piece of décor, most states don’t want you setting up your own mini-casino in the family room. For those reason, they limit the ownership of slot machines.

There are a few states where owning any slot machine is legal. Not surprisingly Nevada is one of the states that will let you own your own slot machine, though you’ll want to check with the gaming commission before you set up your own casino. Other states where you can legally own a slot machine include Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia. But check to make sure that the laws haven’t changed before you invest your money.

Most states only allow slot machines if they’re 25 years old or older. These states are California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming. While a handful of state only allow slot machines manufactured before 1950. These states are Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington DC.

There are a few states where owning any slot machine is illegal. If you live in Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, you might have to put your slot machine goals on hold. Though an alternative if you want a show piece, check out Pachinko machines. You’ll have to buy a used one, but it will provide a similar look and feel to a slot machine.
Of course, in most cases, you’ll also be looking at purchasing used slot machines. You’ll find plenty of sites online offering used slot machines for sale. The problem with this is that since these are online sites and you’re buying a used machine, you can only depend on the dealer’s reputation to determine the quality. If you’re making a significant investment, you’ll want to purchase from a dealer where you can inspect the machine or machines that you’re buying. 

A number of factors are going to affect the price of the machine. This includes the age and condition but also the types of graphics used on it and the popularity of the game in the casinos. Even the size of coin the machine accepted can make a difference in the value. A slot machine buying tip? Look for machines that accepted smaller coins, like nickels and quarters. Why? Because half dollar and dollar machines and up will take more money to fill up and to play. 

Since these machines are used machines, keep in mind that the casino generally sales machines to dealers because they don’t work. Some dealers refurbish the machines before reselling them and even offer technicians to service their machines and keep them running. Others sell them as is or have the refurbished but don’t service them. So keeping your used slot machine running can be an investment in itself. 

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