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Video poker is the newest big trend on the casino floor. The trend shows little signs of letting up and is gaining popularity with the growth of poker, including Texas Hold ’em, as popular games in casinos and even as television programs. Video poker has an advantage over regular poker if you’re looking for a game to collect and display either in a home rec room or as a business show piece. Update 01/16/2020. 

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The advantage is that video poker is a one person game. If you want to sit down for a round of regular poker, you have to be prepared to gather the gang together for a few hands. But video poker machines turn poker into a single player game. Of course, you can’t bluff and read tells, but they still take strategy to play. Playing video poker for real money at online casinos is one of the most in-demand games at Internet betting sites. 
And you’ll want to consider your strategy before purchasing one. First, check the laws in your state. Most states have laws governing the ownership of gambling machines, such as slot machines and video poker machines. Some states allow machines over twenty-five years old, others outlaw them outright. In a few states, they’re legal. But keep in mind that most states don’t want people setting up their own mini-casinos, so check the laws before you proceed. 

If you buy a casino-style video poker machine, you’ll be buying a used machine. These come to market because casinos sell their old and non-functional games to distributors who then pass them on to retailers who sell to the public. The important factor for the buyer to understand about this process is that the machines sold by the casinos are usually old and even non-functioning ie broken. The distributor doesn’t fix the machines before selling them. But the company reselling the machine may or may not repair the machines before selling them to the consumer. Keep in mind that if you want to keep the machine in working condition, you’ll need to have a company in town that can service the machines. 

The condition of the machine will affect the cost and it is recommended that you visit and examine any machine that you plan to purchase. If you can’t visit the dealer directly, you’ll want to check out the dealer themselves. Keep in mind that the usual rules apply when purchasing online. You want to fully check out the seller and their reputation. Be aware that the fanciest website or the seemingly largest selection of machines doesn’t mean a better dealer.

Remember that a video poker machine is the same size as a slot machine so it takes a lot of space to store even a hundred machines. So, do they really have that machine in stock or are they planning on buying from the distributor after they get your order? 

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